1. Great use of corrugated steel and minimal design. Discover here

    Great use of corrugated steel and minimal design. Discover here

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  3. cabinporn:

    Wooden shelter perched on a mountain in the Alps on the border of Slovenia and Italy. The cabin “bivouac Luca Vuerich” pays tribute to the mountaineer Vuerich Luca, who died in an avalanche in 2010. Mountaineers can take refuge there for free if they manage to climb the 2531 meters.

    Designed by Italian architect Giovanni Pesamosca. Suggested by Joan Childs.

    I’m always fascinated by small designed spaces in out of reach places.

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  5. 80s-renegade:



    Sony WALKMAN

  6. cabinporn:

    Prefab cabin design by CalPoly Pomona students for use in California state parks.

    Photography by Paul Vu.

  7. Great work by my friends at widgets!


    Come As You Are. Get Where You Want To Be.

    Forte Fitness Identity Design

    After a decade of working for a national franchise, owner and personal trainer Julian Kaufman decided to start his own fitness studio. Through years of working as a one-on-one personal trainer, Julian had developed an excellent client base and reputation. He turned to Widgets & Stone to help him create an identity that would reflect that excellence in his brand communications.

    Widgets & Stone worked with regular collaborators Caleb Ludwick and Grant Dotson to create the name, the writing, the designs and the photography to properly represent the new endeavor. Forte Fitness was the result.

    The name and overall look and feel were inspired by Julian’s Italian heritage. The name means strong in Italian, and is familiar to those who don’t speak the language. The Italian flag’s colors made their way into the logo and the “azurri” blue of the national teams plays a complimentary role in the palette.

    Dotson Commercial is currently working on photographs that show how training and lifestyle go hand in hand at Forte Fitness. The black and white images stand out in the marketplace, but also match well with the colors and type.

    Creative Direction: Paul Rustand, Mandy Meredith; Design: Amy Trumbull Harmon, Matt Greenwell, Brian Wleklinski; Writing: Caleb Ludwick; Photography: Dotson Commercial.

  8. On Presenting

  9. Inspired by Graham Yelton Creative →

    Great post today! Love Graham’s work.



    We are constantly looking for inspiration and finding it all around us! From shells collected on the beach, to flowers and foliage found on a hike. This is the first in a series of ‘Inspired by’ posts where we interview people who inspire us and get a peek into what inspires them…

  10. Willem Game Highlights from mark cooley on Vimeo.

    6 Year Old game highlights.

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  12. at Motorini - Vespa Savannah

    at Motorini - Vespa Savannah