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    Great post today! Love Graham’s work.



    We are constantly looking for inspiration and finding it all around us! From shells collected on the beach, to flowers and foliage found on a hike. This is the first in a series of ‘Inspired by’ posts where we interview people who inspire us and get a peek into what inspires them…

  2. Willem Game Highlights from mark cooley on Vimeo.

    6 Year Old game highlights.

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  4. at Motorini - Vespa Savannah

    at Motorini - Vespa Savannah

  5. Oliver serenading me with the banjo and bow tie #happybirthday

    Oliver serenading me with the banjo and bow tie #happybirthday

  6. at Brown’s Island

    at Brown’s Island

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  8. the power of 15

    It take 15 years for a Sheep-Eating Plant to flower in Chile… at the same time it will take an average adult 15 years to become fluent in a foreign language. It took user diBiella5 in New York City 15 years to finally stop in Vinny D’s Deli in East Stroudsburg, PA; 15 years to create a national holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr, and 15 years for researchers at Montana State University to discover that the Triceratops took a million years to develop horns…

    Also 15 years today, at around 4 pm I married my best friend and quickly posed for over 15 photos… without getting to eat the fancy food and talk very long with friends… before leaving the church… and while starving, gulping down burgers at Ruby Tuesday’s… to leave the country to Italy the next morning. It took us nearly 12 years to have 5 children and move 4 times in a city we love. Which brings us to our 15 year mark. Moving our 5th time, we are back in a neighborhood we love with friends around… we celebrate our 15 year together!

  9. SUP ocean explore from mark cooley on Vimeo.

    Family vacation at St. George Island, exploring the GoPro and stand up paddle boarding.

    Music by Family of the Year: Hero

  10. What I love about opening sentences is the complete lack of rules, how each writer gets to decide how best to guide a reader into their narrative. A writer, after all, is the instructor for the experience of their own work, and the opening sentence––after the book design, title, and epigraph––is among the reader’s first impressions. Opening sentences are not to be written lightly.

    — Jonathan Russell Clark on “The Art of the Opening Sentence.” (via millionsmillions)

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  12. 271 Years Before Pantone, an Artist Mixed and Described Every Color Imaginable in an 800-Page Book →